Monday, 1 December 2014

12 Online Dating Mistakes Men Make

Online dating comes with its own set of challenges, but you can be very successful if you know what to do. Here are a few tips to follow when you're attempting to get to know a woman online.

1. When you write a girl, don't just type "Hi, my name is (insert name)." Start an actual conversation with her. This is one of the dating mistakes you want to avoid.

2. Don't compliment a girl's physical appearance the first time you contact her. Beautiful women probably get hundreds of emails on a regular basis telling them how gorgeous they are. You're not going to stand out to her if you say the same things to her that other men are saying.

3. When you're serious about how to date online, don't write a woman and simply say "what's up." If you're serious about getting to know her, put some effort into the first message you send. Don't make the message too long, and don't talk about yourself too much. Keep the conversation fun and interesting so she'll want to reply. The goal is not to only capture her attention, but her emotions.

How to Get Your Ex Back-8 Things you need to do

You and your boyfriend just broke up. You're sad and upset that things didn't turn out the way you'd hoped. You still love him very much and think about him with every waking moment. After giving it some thought, you realize that the reason the two of you broke up was trivial and could have been avoided. You really want to set things right. But the anger and ego on both sides hampered your communication. If only you could find a way to get him back!

Is there any chance that your ex feels the same way? Yes. However, there are some tips to follow to make sure you can rekindle your relationship correctly.

1. Be Positive. When you and your boyfriend were together, you may have complained that you felt smothered and need some room to breath in the relationship. Consider the fact that the two of you need a break for a while. Use the time to think of ways that you can strengthen your relationship the second time around.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sexual Problems Of Women and The Way Out

In the media, sex is often portrayed as an easy, spontaneous act that every woman should thoroughly enjoy. This implies that women should always be in the mood to make love to their partners, but this is not always the case in the real world. The issue of intimacy is a multifaceted one, and affects men and women in different ways.

A number of medical professionals are now recognizing the connection between sex, intimacy and overall well-being. These doctors know that sexual satisfaction is a factor that contributes to good health, and are often inquiring about a patient's sexual health to include in the patient's medical history.

Doctor can evaluate patients based on their health complaints and give them tips for improving their sex lives. However, many patients, both male and female, have a hard time divulging this type of personal information to their doctors. Many people will simply state that their sex lives are "fine" or "OK" when answering the sexual health section of a medical questionnaire, even if these answers are not accurate.

Love would always find you again. It Happened To Me....

This story of mine is real, painful and still fresh in my memory. I met this guy when I gained admission into college. His name is Zeal. I was not really ready for any relationship my mind was all about getting a good grade while in school.

He was in the company of a group of guys that you can call big boys.. He sighted me and and came straight to me. What I really liked about him was his audacity. Even though I turned down his proposal, still he kept pushing and pushing. He didn't give up in his proposal. He will send his friends to me and anytime he was around my campus, he really made me know that he was around.

After a while, he stopped coming around and I  later heard from a friend of his that he's graduated and left the state where I was. I finished in college and I was able to get a part time job in my state. I needed money to further my education. During this time, I met another guy whose name is Ken. I never liked him at first because, he was too pompous and too old for me. I was only 20yrs but he insisted and did something that made me change my perception about him.

I was at my friend's place one day when I had ulcer crisis and he was just to be there. I couldn't move or walk then. He carried me and took me to a nearby hospital. Since then, he became a regular visitor at my place. Before I knew it, he became my first man and the center of my world.
He was working with an oil servicing company then.

Ken never permitted me to be on my own. Always there to take me out for lunch. It got to a point that he asked me to marry him. I was still very young and I wanted to further my education. Besides that, he was 10 years older than me so age was no longer on his side. I wanted to become somebody and have a good job of my own before getting married but Ken was not ready to see things my own way. He felt bad and we parted ways.

While I was doing a part time job, there was this woman in my company who treated me like her own daughter. I confided in her and she said I took the right decision. That when I become somebody in life, I would be able to marry any man that I want and that I am still very young to go into marriage.

I headed her advice and went back to school after saving enough money from my part time job. After about two years the woman sent for me and asked me to see her. During my vacation, I visited her and she said she wanted to have a heart to heart talk with me. The long and short of her discussion is that, she has a son whom I have never met or seen before and she wanted me to get to meet him.

Guess what? Her dear son turned out to be Zeal the guy that was pestering me way back in college. I was so surprised because I never thought our paths could cross again. I didn't know I've been communicating with his mum all along. He left the country after his graduation from college to also further his education. He told me how his mum has been telling him about a young pretty girl ( which I believe I am not). It was difficult to turn down his proposal this time around and that was how we started a relationship which ended up at the altar. Today we are happily married and expecting our first baby.

Friday, 28 November 2014

My Wife's Cousin Is So Sweet, I Can't Stop Banging Her


This story is from a friend of mine that I have known for years. He is someone everybody sees as a respectable and level headed man. He is someone everybody sees as having high moral values and virtues. He is the one my wife will always report me to when she thinks I am busy checking other girls out.

About three years ago, his wife lost her uncle and his wife and their only child, a female girl had to come and stay with them. This friend of mine is a successful business man and a philanthropist, so when he said that Rachael, the young cousin of his wife will be staying with them, it didn't come as a a surprise me. Those of us who know him well actually expected it, as that was his way; a giving heart that cares for the needy.

Rachael was 16 years old when she came to stay with Daniel who is my friend. Even at 16 years old, I personally noticed that Rachael was going to grow into a sexy lady. At 16, in her nubile age, she was hot as you can see her ass, breasts and hips in their compact size, so sexy.

10 Things You Should Never Do During Sex

No matter how you put it, everyone has certain things they love during sex. Maybe you're into girl on top. Maybe you're a missionary kind of lady. Heck, maybe you get off when your guy wears a monkey suit; to each person there is something that make having sex worth while. However, there are some things that are just an absolute no-no between the sheets. Yeah, you may not like a dirty talker, but that doesn't mean it's an absolute don't.

They do exist, though. But not to fall victim in having partners running out from you, we have decided to give you tips on what not to ever do, while under the sheet with a partner; it is disastrous.

1. Blood should never be drawn : Being rough is one thing but being THAT rough's a no-no. Don't in your eagerness to show what a man you are and hurt your lady in the process and you the lady too, should mind how you use your nails. People should feel relaxed after making love and should not be thinking of getting to a chemist.

2. Never answer your phone. Whoever is calling you during the time you're knocking your boots can wait. If you answer it, you better believe she won't be waiting for you to come back.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Son Impregnates His Stepmother And Fathered Her First Child

A business man from the eastern part of the country recently got the ruddest shock of his life. The woman he had been married to for four years and the three year old child he calls his own plus the pregnancy his wife is carrying are not his.
So if the child and the pregnancy are not his, who on earth is now fathering the child and also owns the pregnancy? The shocking answer to this question would be revealed to you shortly.

The man has a 23yrs old son who was 19 when he married his second wife, after the demise of the first wife who bore him only one son. After losing the first wife to the cold hands of death, he decided to take a second wife. He is mostly not at home due to his business schedules, the new wife who is a young lady of 25 got close to her stepson, and it later developed into an intimate relationship. She gave birth to her first child who is biologically not for her husband. Presently, she's pregnant again with her second baby, but she's looking for every means to terminate the baby because the husband has been out of town for like two months now.
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