Friday, 12 July 2013

Woman Divorces Husband For Having Small(5cm) Penis

A woman in Taiwan has divorced her husband after complaining of his small penis.

The 52-year old named Zhang stated her disappointment at her husband, zhou's failure to regularly satisfy her because of the size of his manhood which she claimed is only 5cm long.

''His penis is so small" She told the daily chill newspaper of Taiwan. ''It's like a kid's own. We've never had satisfying sex in our entire marriage'' Zhang added: He's also impotent and unable to fulfil his responsibility as a husband"

Zhou, 55 dismissed his ex-wife's claims that he is impotent, arguing that he simply wasn't in the mood at night. "I prefer to have sex in the morning, but she wanted it around midnight" he said. By then, I would be very tired. Who we go believe now? See Gobe...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

With Just A Night Of Sex, I Lost Everything !!!

I was crying in my room and feeling sorry for myself. The pain was too much to bear as I stared at the invitation card in my hand. Bodly written on it is my name. And I was supposed to be the bride. Oh Yes!!! Today was supposed to be my wedding day, but here I am crying profusely because the said wedding is never going to hold. it has been cancelled. All because of a careless one night stand I had with Chief.

It was all my fault. I caused it. The blame is all mine because I did what was never supposed to be done. I betrayed the love of a man who loved and cared for me. A man who took care of me when everyone abandoned me. A man who took over my responsibilities and made them his. 

Man Cut By Policemen With Freshly Cut Penis

Officers in the central lakeshore district of salima say they responded to a report of a man lying bleeding and unconscious next to railway tracks on Tuesday. When the man got to the hospital he was to be admitted, doctors were shocked to discover that is penis was missing, local media reported. 

Salima Police, Chief foster Mangani said hours later, police were called to a local motel where the owner reported a guest had tried to sell her a penis of $360. 

"We rushed to the lodge and arrested the suspect. We also recovered the private parts" Police have named the suspect as samuel Banda. Police Said Banda had admitted selling many body parts to well known business personalities. "Many locals believe human parts can bring riches and unscrupulous businessmen and witch doctors pay thousands of kwachas to poor locals to kill people and mutilate their bodies" he confessed.... 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Some Common Things People Say About Sex That Are Not True

I came across this somewhere and deem if fit to share, please prove me wrong if you think any of these facts are not true

1. A woman cannot get pregnant during her menstruation
The belief that a woman cannot get pregnant while she is mentruating is a common but wrong belief. Because of this misconception, some couples do engage in unprotected sex when the woman is having her period believing that, she will not get pregnant.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Son Impregnates His Stepmother And Fathered Her First Child

A business man from the eastern part of the country recently got the ruddest shock of his life. The woman he had been married to for four years and the three year old child he calls his own plus the pregnancy his wife is carrying are not his.
So if the child and the pregnancy are not his, who on earth is now fathering the child and also owns the pregnancy? The shocking answer to this question would be revealed to you shortly.

The man has a 23yrs old son who was 19 when he married his second wife, after the demise of the first wife who bore him only one son. After losing the first wife to the cold hands of death, he decided to take a second wife. He is mostly not at home due to his business schedules, the new wife who is a young lady of 25 got close to her stepson, and it later developed into an intimate relationship. She gave birth to her first child who is biologically not for her husband. Presently, she's pregnant again with her second baby, but she's looking for every means to terminate the baby because the husband has been out of town for like two months now.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Love To Me Is Nothing But Evil

One of the worst things to deal with in a relationship is betrayal. It could be worse in marriage where you had to struggle to get money to buy your wife's undies, only for another man to pull it off her waste to have sex with her. It is even more painful where one's wife started behaving as if the man cannot do anything. I am shattered and despite being a man, I have had to cry inconsolably. I married an adulterous wife. Marriage has taught me that there are different reasons why people go into marriage.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Man Caught Banging His Best Friend's Fiance

Jealousy they say can push a man across the line of clear reasoning. It can make a sane man behave crazy and it can take away every moral virtue in a soul. Such is the case of these two good friends who got entangled in a mesh of love, deceit, cheating and revenge. It is a story that would have sold out in hollywood.

Enjoy it....
Daniel is a young man who was doing well in his business. At just 30 years of age, he was already a multi millionaire. He met and fell in love with Queen, an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan. She was into him too and the love was reciprocal.

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